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Schottel pohon II

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Product information

The Schottel drive unit was developed by the Schottel company, and represents a modern and very capable method of propulsion for working ships whose duties require very high manoeuvrability, such as harbour tugs, ferries and other special-purpose vessels. In contrast to conventional marine propulsion systems, with their separate propeller shaft and rudder systems, the Schottel system integrates both assemblies. Thepropeller is
mounted below the ship's bottom in a Kort nozzle which itself has the effect of increasing effective thrust. The nozzle can be swivelled around the
vertical axis and the resultant flow of water can be directed in lieu of the vessel's rudder. The Schottel drive unit II adopts the same working principles as the original design. Used in conjunction with the powerful SPEED 900 BB Torque 12 V elelctric motor, No. 6373, the unit's integral 3:1 reduction gearboxand specially matched 65 mm Ø propeller produce considerable propulsive power, making the system suitable for use in quite large heavy model boats. The main assembly is made of plastic and is extremely strong. For direct control a powerful servo (e.g. C 4821, No. 3896) is required, installed in a special servo mount. If the servo travel is geared up to a ratio of 2:1 the swivel range of the nozzle is in the region of 180°, although the actual value will vary according to theservo you are using. There are no mechanical restrictions to the swivel range. The servo mount is attached adjacent to the shaft, and various positions are possible to suit the conditions inside your model.

Pack contents

Factory-assembled Schottel drive system consisting of injection-moulded plastic components, servo mount, 65 mm Ø right-hand and left-hand propellers, installation and running notes in German, English and French.


RC modely / Příslušenství lodě / Ostatní
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